Registration Policy 

  • Sacred Heart School partners with parents as the primary educators of their children. Acceptance to a Catholic school is a privilege, not a right. Parents have a right to apply to a Catholic school for admission of their child(ren), but the privilege of attending the Catholic school is contingent upon the parents' acceptance of the school’s program of formation and instruction and their willingness to accept responsibility for their portion of the cost of education in a Catholic school.
  • Admission to Sacred Heart School is based upon mutual acceptance by the parents and the school.
  • Parents’ application for admission of their child(ren) implies acceptance of the school’s program of faith formation and educational activities designed to help the learner grow and develop as a student and child of God, willingness to pay their portion of tuition and fees, and participation in required school activities.
  • Sacred Heart School’s acceptance of a student implies that we will offer the child a structured program of faith formation and educational development.


  • Tuition for Sacred Heart School is $3,500 per student per year.
  • Tuition rates are determined annually during the school’s budget planning and are published at the time spring registration materials are available.
  • Families make tuition payments directly to the SMART (FACTS) Tuition Management program.
  • If tuition payments cannot be made as agreed, the parent(s) should contact the principal and/or pastor as soon as possible.

Tuition Assistance

  • A limited tuition-assistance program is available. Applications are available in the school office (through the FACTS online portal.  Call the school office for more information) . Criteria considered will include present income, degree of need, employment status, previous tuition payment history, involvement in school/parish activities, as well as other information for consideration provided by the applicant family.
  • Tuition assistance is for the current year only and must be reapplied for annually.
  • Tuition assistance is for tuition only. Registration fees and all other fees must be paid by the applicant(s).
  • A family with outstanding debts to the school may not be considered for tuition assistance until their accounts have been paid in full.